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T. D. McKinney was born with eclectic tastes.  Author, artist, web designer - those tastes show in the careers she's chosen.

Growing up on the American Gulf Coast, she gained a great appreciation for all things Southern and a fascination with what the community around her termed the War of Northern Aggression.  Frequent trips to New Orleans to visit relatives instilled an early love for that city and for the Cajun culture.  One of her earliest memories is viewing Mardi Gras parades when she was three years old.  She freely admits that at the tender age of six she fell in love with both Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows’ fame and Jonny Quest’s scientist-father, Benton.  Sherlock Holmes followed soon after as one of the great abiding interests of her life.  A long time fan of science fiction and horror, she met her husband while selling art at a science fiction convention.

These early influences doubtless explain a great deal about the author and her writings.  There is very little she doesn’t find interesting whether it’s art, music, history, vampires, web design, or forensic science.  Everything is there to be explored, investigated, and attempted at least once.  This trait often carries over into her writing.  She loves exploring characters that are not afraid to take a risk or step outside the constraints of society or family.  And if the character doesn’t want to take that chance, she likes creating situations that require they do so.

T. D. lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north Texas with her husband and young daughter.  With so many careers, she keeps quite busy.  In her spare time, she shares her husband’s interest in vampires, the internet, science fiction, collecting swords, and all things Japanese. 

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