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Hot Chocolate & Angel Kisses

This Excerpt is unedited.



Nathan Jones sank down at his typewriter and gazed down at the street below his apartment, the aroma of warm chocolate somehow not enough to erase the memory of grumbled voices from the line of customers at the coffee shop.  Honestly, why couldn’t the human race manage to be at least civil to each other?  This assignment felt longer by the days mortals measured so obsessively.

He massaged his temples.  Being free of the ills of mankind didn’t render him immune to headaches, not when the disaffection of humanity battered at him constantly.  He sipped the chocolate and stared at the pure expanse of paper.

You won’t get far all wound up like that.  Be still.  Whether his own thoughts or the warm whisper of the home he’d left several human ages ago, Nathan understood.  He lifted a well-worn book from the wide windowsill and opened it to a frayed bookmark and an underlined passage. 

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  Nathan sighed and leaned his head back on the chair.  “I know it’s Your plan and they’re Your chosen people, but really, Sir, couldn’t you have come up with creatures a bit more... intelligent?”

Or at least ones who had a modicum of comprehension.  “I realize You have a sense of humor but the satire has become wearing.  I am Your messenger but they never listen.”  Any message he imparted in the depths of the night was blithely ignored in the morning light.  “I don’t know why I bother.  I don’t know why You bother.  And yes, I’m having a moment.  It will pass.”  It just seemed to take longer than it had a few centuries earlier.

My son.  A warm embrace fell over Nathan and the worst of the headache eased.  Learn to see them as they can be.  There are angels among them even you haven’t discovered yet.  Not as you are, my herald, but angels all the same.  Look for them.

Nathan sighed.  “Yes, Sir.  As You say.”  The comfort blunted the anger and frustration.  “I’ll try.”  If such exist.  He apologized for the somewhat traitorous thought.  “As ever, I follow Your will.”

He laid the Bible back in its place and glanced out the window.  The young lady from the coffee shop hurried across the street, laden down by a backpack nearly as large as her petite frame.  A student then, no doubt spending all her time studying and working, little time to look around at others.  Rich red-brown hair tumbled from beneath her cap and onto her shoulders, a pretty frame for her fair face and dark exotic eyes.  A lovely example of God’s creation. 

Then again...  Hers had been the only smile in the shop, or the only one not accompanied by a long slow perusal of the mortal form he wore.  Not that Nathan wasn’t occasionally flattered by such.  But the woman’s smile reminded him that once in awhile people could admire while still being simply nice. 

Fair of heart, fair of form... so very fair of form.  She turned at the bus stop so he could see her face and his fingertips longed to brush the rich tones of her complexion, to see if it were as creamy silken as it appeared.  Ah, to feel that cloud of russet hair curling around him as they lay together, sublime indeed.

Whoa, Nathan.  It’s not the days when the sons of God took the daughters of men to wife.  Knock it off before you need a cold shower.  He made himself pull away from the almost disrespectful thoughts and just enjoyed her smile at another passenger before the bus pulled up and blocked his view of her.  Off to class, then.  He’d see her tomorrow.

He hoped her day progressed pleasantly and she found the time to notice the soft fall of snow as something more than a hindrance to traffic.  Perhaps then she’d feel a small measure of the comfort she brought him.

The chocolate flowed over his tongue, rich sweet delight with just a hint of bitterness.  Just the way life should taste.


Copyright © 2006 T.D.McKinney. All Rights Reserved.