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The Garden House

Fallen Angel Reviews    EuroReviews    JERR    Avaron's Reviews

~Fallen Angel Reviews, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer Amanda H.

Rating:  5 Angels  & Recommended Read

Clancy is a young woman pledging for a sorority at college. In order to do so, she must return from the Queen of Vampires home with a bouquet of flowers unscathed. Her actual dare is to sneak in and get them but Clancy doesn’t feel right doing so. So instead, she wakes up the Queen, Leonor, and asks her for some.

Leonor has no problem giving Clancy tons of flowers, but for a payment. And what a payment it will be…one that neither will ever forget. Leonor’s going to get a taste of Clancy before the evening is through. However, can she stop with just a taste? She doesn’t think so. And from Clancy’s reaction, she doesn’t want her to stop either. Ever.

Is being with Leonor really what Clancy wants? She’s never thought of being with a woman before. She’d always been attracted to men up until now. So what is she supposed to do? Should she go against everything she’s ever believed and wanted on a chance that the two of them are meant to be together? And what would people think of her, in a relationship with another woman, a vampire queen at that?

So starts a love affair where neither party will ever be able to be without the other. Leonor can’t get enough of the sweet, young and passionate Clancy. Clancy can’t get over how amazing Leonor makes her feel with a touch, or a look, or a taste. But is it going to be enough for both parties to be happy?

Wow. 5 Angels for both The Garden House and for authors Mia Cherish and Jacqueline Quaid. A story with romance and erotica mixed in with love and fear. What else could someone want out of a story? Leonor’s the centuries old vampire falling in love with a young Clancy who can’t figure out if she wants her or not. At the same time, Clancy’s still into men, which continues to confuse her. Both heartbreaking and hopeful. What an amazing, heartfelt, erotic story. It kept me salivating from the beginning to the end and left me begging for more. Although usually not my type of book, I figured I would take a chance on it. I am so glad that I did. I will definitely be recommending the book and the authors to everyone I talk to. Please write more books you two.


~EuroReviews, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer Annie

Rating: 5 (highest rating) - Heat Rating - 2

Leonor, an ancient New Orleans-based vampire, wakes at dusk to a knock on the rear gate of her garden. The visitor is there to collect flowers from Leonor’s garden for her sorority sisters. The sorority girls expect her to steal them, but she’s decided to be courteous instead, and wake up the vampiress to ask first. The closer Leonor is to the girl, the stronger the conviction that she knows her!

As it turns out, Leonor did have a connection, through her brother, to the girl’s ancestress, back around 1830 or so. She suggests that since her offer of a large donation of flowers to the sorority results in taking the flowers’ lives, a similar donation of blood to herself would be in order, and invites the girl Clancy to the garconniere/guest house. Leonor decides that some extended intimacy would be in order as well, since she has the young one at her mercy, and intends to introduce her to the intricacies of female love.

For aficionados of LGBT, keep your air conditioner turned high and your ice bucket handy! For other readers, this is a sexy little story with interesting characterizations of the vampires and the sorority pledge, and a ton of fascinating New Orleans historical background. The Garden House is a true “don’t-miss”!



~Just Erotic Romance Reviews, (JERR) On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer Caye Kimberley
July, 2005

Rating: 4/5  Heat Rating: O (Orgasmic)

When the president of Clancy Rosabel’s sorority orders her to steal flowers from Léonor Griffin’s courtyard in the Garden District, Clancy decides that there is no way she’s going to obey. What does she look like, an idiot? Léonor is a vampiress, the Belle Madame. She is known across all of Louisiana as the penultimate seductress and she has no tolerance for those that cause harm. There is no way Clancy is foolish enough to try and steal flowers from the garden, she’s going to ask for them. Lea Griffin is both amused and aroused by the innocent she finds at her courtyard gate and longs to seduce the young woman. Lea knows that she must be careful with Clancy because there is only so much a mortal can give. Will Lea able to give Clancy her love or will Clancy forever be Lea’s pet in her garden house?

I’ve read plenty of books that have gotten me hot and bothered, but none of them compare to The Garden House. Clancy’s innocence of carnal pleasures is endearing and reading about her time of discovery is highly erotic. When Lea first introduces Clancy to the delights of sex it is quite possibly the most sensual and seductive encounter that I have ever read. While their relationship begins with sex and follows with getting to know one another, I found it quite plausible. Clancy’s innocence paired with Lea’s world-weary attitude compliment each other so well; it lets them form a true partnership. The story is intriguing and keeps you occupied from beginning to end. The author’s do introduce a couple of secondary characters, and although they interact on a limited basis with Clancy and Lea, with a chance that they could be developed into sequels. Ms. Cherish and Ms. Quaid have created an engaging story of discovery, acceptance, and love. I gleefully look forward to any future releases that will be coming from these talented authors.


~Avaron's Reviews, On-line Review Blog

July 2, 2006

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from Ms. Quaid. She's one of my critique partners, always willing to smack me upside the head when I screw up, and I promised her an honest review of her first erotica book. So here goes, I'm now trying to contain my urge to gush like a teenaged fangirl.

The Garden House is a lesbian paranormal. It is also a deliciously wicked vampire tale. Ms. Quaid and Ms. Cherish take all the traditional tales and turn them on their heads in this short, but sexy romp. The century old vampiress and the innocent sorority girl... it's the classic Hammer movie setup, but redone with a delicate touch that brings the setting and the characters to glorious life.

Lea Griffon, despite her years of experience with men and women, is wonderfully vulnerable. You feel all her insecurities and all her desires. Meanwhile, her lover is innocent, in all ways, yet loving. Clancy Rosabel is just what the vampiress needs to bring her out of her self-imposed isolation. Watching these two women, seperated by the traditions of old-blood New Orleans, come together is truly beautiful.

The Garden House teases your emotions, keeping you totally engrossed to the final page. In addition to Lea and Clancy, there's a handful of lovely, fully-fleshed secondary characters. Caspaar, Lea's vampire brother, is intriguing enough that I'd love to see his story one day... and the story, though briefly mentioned, of the property's ghost, makes you want to know more about him as well. Above all, The Garden House is a wonderful escape from the everyday.

Just released yesterday, The Garden House is available from Amber Quill Press as part of their Amber Heat line. To purchase your own copy, which I highly recommend, just visit them here:
The Garden House



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