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  While spending FAR too much time on the web, I occasionally come across things that are  So here are some links of entertainment value alone.  These will all open in a new window.  -  Want to sling paint on canvas?  Go for it.  The color changes each time you click your mouse.

Oceangram. The online message in a bottle website.  Not the Kevin Costner movie (which we won't talk about since he DIES!) but a lot of fun if you've ever wanted to send a message out to the world.

Tiny animals on fingers - a photoset on Flickr.  Exactly what it says.  A collection of photos of teeny-tiny animals on people's fingers.  Fascinating.

Quick change artists.  From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.

How to make shadows on the wall Because we all did this when we were kids.

Youre On Notice! - The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator.  For fans of the show.

Star Trek Inspirational Posters Okay, I had a trekker moment.

 How to Make Stop-Motion Video Shorts with Your Digital Camera  Utterly beyond my ability but some of you might be into this kind of thing.  Lots of cool stuff but some of the photos are beyond amazing.

Ranbows.  Beautiful pictures--The spider web rainbow is my favorite--and tons of stuff about rainbows.  Because I just can't resist finding out if an urban legend is true or not.  It's like a dictionary or thesaurus - I just can't stop reading.

Free Movies Fallen out of Copyright (Public Domain)  Lots of really old movies to watch free.  Ooo Mark of Zorro 1920.

Knitting Patterns - Self-explanatory.

The World's Most Photorealistic Vector Art.  I am in awe.

How to grow a chair...or table...or house.   Just totally cool.

Pink Tentacle.  Just all sorts of cool, mostly science related stuff. 

iGod | Chat with God  Via a robotic interface.  Weird.


Jigsaw Sudoku - Free Online Sudoku Game

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©Trace Edward Zaber

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